1. Johnny Flynn - A Larum
    Released 26 May 2008 on Vertigo

    Whenever I am making lists of My Favourite Albums Ever, this is always very near the top, I truly think it is nigh on perfect. So many excellent songs on it, I really struggle to find any that I don’t like, but for me, the stand out (and one of my favourite songs in general) is “The Wrote and the Writ”, such a beautifully written song and you know, also performed super well. I first heard of Johnny and the rest of The Sussex Wit in the beginning of 2008, back when there was the whole explosion of the Laura Marling/Mumford/Noah and the Whale indie-folk scene and it blows my mind that they haven’t found the success of these other bands, because in my opinion, this album is superior to all of their releases (even Alas, I Cannot Swim). Other highlights on here are the opener “The Box”, “Sally" and the bonus track on the vinyl only, which is a properly perfect demo version of "Tickle Me Pink”. It really is outstanding. And the inlay has a short story written by Johnny too, which is just super adorable (almost as wonderful as his voice).

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